Tokenomics and Economics of Skiesverse



Ingame economics is a list of rules that control the in-game economic processes to make the gameplay competitive and transparent. 

Playing the game, players need to get the experience the developers have designed. The game design exists around any functionality, and economics fill it with numbers, formulas, and rules. Even simple from the first sight logical or puzzle games have deep economics with segmentations, offers, level design, and controlled user flow. 

Ingame economics is based on client and server, depending on genre and level of control. So it’s all about web2 games with client-server data managing and storing. 

But in the world of web3 games, economics is gaining the name “Tokenomics.”. Obviously, tokenomics is economics that operates with tokens – fungible and non-fungible (NFT). Tokenomics is not only a supply (mint) of tokens. 

Mainly, gameFi products also have in-game economics and tokenomics because tokenomics can not manage all the operations with game data. So web3 is not only tokens and their flow. 

While developing the game, we must remember game mechanics, balance, and play2fun mood. So some mechanics and economics in web3 games can be genuinely named as web2 games, but with connection to the blockchain, using tokenomics.


Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Developing Skiesverse, we were thinking about building strong economics itself, able to hold an in-game ecosystem with points of income and outcome. And our goal was to create a traditional RPG game economics but with all advantages of web3 and blockchain.

Solutions & Expertise


For the main core loop, we decided on the classic game loop for RPG games: mine -> craft -> sell/buy -> fight. Based on it, it’s possible to find points of monetization and, as follows, tokenomics links.

Miners, active players, can mine resources to sell them and get tokens

Crafters – are business owners, who buy resources, make products, and sell them, getting tokens

Fighters – are consumers who spend tokens for clan wars, challenges, and exploration

Case Benefits


The first user-driven economics and tokenomics with businesses, refillable pools, and clan wars


Economics and Tokenomics with a main loop and additional loops


Classic RPG craft mechanics based on a tokenomy business model

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