Development. Building a puzzle game

Anton Paramonov
Anton Paramonov


Logic 3D game for mobile platforms with puzzle tasks. Solve puzzles to rescue an animal.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

The main goal was to build a puzzle scenario tool that would allow game designers to manage game flow, interactions, and puzzle logic. 

In the short term, some trick solutions were necessary to avoid extra spending and increased development time. 

Solutions & Expertise

As the game requirement was to build a 3D game with puzzles, the art team prepared similar content for the locations and puzzles. So, it should be the same in such genres.

Based on the game design documentation, the development team built tools that operate with game objects and simple triggers for different scenarios. Of course, activating/deactivating game objects is a bad experience, but in the case of simple mobile games and a lack of time, it was a solution. 

For complex scenarios, an action system with more specific actions was used, working with animators, location triggers, and puzzle data. 

Unity Cinemachine is an excellent tool for such games where user interaction should be responded to with camera movement and focus, especially when some puzzles are solved with 3D objects on the location.  

Case Benefits


Ready tool for producing various scenarios by game designers 


Several locations with a batch of puzzles on each


Decrease time of development 

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