Legends Of Rodhim. Characters Production

Web3 games mostly have a bubble reputation because of young technology and many projects with play2earn mechanics only. However, based on blockchain technology, tokenomics and security for Web3 games bring the game industry to a new level of user experience, user ownership, and in-game economics.
Anton Paramonov
Anton Paramonov


Legends of Rodhim – Rodrim lands felt deep into ancient war against hordes of the darkness. Gather a squad of heroes to face armies of terrific creatures and bring a feeling of peace again to the land of the continent. 

It’s an idle battler in a fantasy setting with blockchain integration. The goal was to create 80+ characters in 6 months to create enough fractons for the calculated balance of the game.

Our Contribution

Challenges & Goals

The main goal was to prepare six fractions of different styles and cultures with a couple of preset roles in each. The complex thing here was the time-to-market strategy and delivery terms of 6 months. In addition to characters, we had to prepare three seamless locations.

Solutions & Expertise

The best approach for such tasks is to prepare a reboard and mood board to determine the main fractions, their style, and colors. The more recognizable fractions were taken as a base.

The next step is to set up the right team and management to produce 3d models. 

Managing the main pipeline gave us options to produce animations in parallel and provide ready-made characters to the development team to start implementing skills and animations.


Case Benefits


80+ characters with animation in term of 6 months


6 different fractions


Time-to-makret success case

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