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The story begins in the distant future on Earth. The planet has survived a catastrophe. The well-known world has been destroyed, and remnants of civilization are hiding in technological shelters to save human experience and heritage for the future generations. This is the new world that shelter citizens have been trying to create. Hundreds of years ago they left their underground homes.
Anton Paramonov
Anton Paramonov


Skiesverse is a Web3 RPG tactical game based on blockchain. The main NFT assets are characters, weapons, and armor made in 3D.

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Our Contribution

Challenges & Goals

One significant challenge was generating over 5,000 realistic NFTs based on several asset types. In addition, all the 2D NFT customizations in the game should be seen as 3D models to make valuable content reasonable. 

One of the main issues was the art preparation for assembly and adjustment layers’ overlay methods.

Solutions & Expertise

Before starting content development, the team prepares a list of customization categories to avoid art intersection zones or do as little as possible. In this case, we had only several hard assets to which exclusion rules were added before generating NFTs and metadata.

The next step was the quality of the art fusion. Again, the Houdini editor was chosen to achieve a realistic render. Its powerful CGI production tool allows artists to separate channels and shadows into different layers with the correct shading.

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For better equipment quality, all the models were additionally modified for render. Initially, the game 3D assets have been provided as low-poly models for optimization reasons. Then, all the separate parts were additionally cleared with 2D tools and were prepared for assembly tool.

The assembly tool was designed to represent every item with several layers and overlay types, allowing us to mix layers of separate objects based on exclusive rules. 

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Case Benefits


Realistic NFT avatars generated by a tool


The tool and prepared pipeline can easily be used for other characters


Massive amount of NFTs within less than just a few months

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