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Combining gamification and web3 with the brand’s primary specialization enables you to immerse, engage and retain your customers even better, as well as improve loyalty, sales and everything in between. 

Here are some of the benefits that Web3 and gamification design help to achieve: 

  • Better onboarding and then stickiness. 

Brands that gamify onboarding with the help of fun and engagement elements convert new customers into the loyal community. With the help of gamification design and elements it is also possible to incentivise returning, purchases, invitations and much more in a light, entertaining manner. 

  • Better retention of the existing customers. 

Gamification in design helps to create deep incentives. By statistics increasing customer retention by 5% can increase your profits 25–95%. Worth input, right? 

  • New customers. 

Both gamification and web3 will allow you to attract a new audience.

  • Better brand recognition. 

The  market of web3 is growing and gaining popularity, and you have the opportunity  to experiment and deepen your expertise before your competitors enter the race.

  • Build better customer loyalty. 

Web3 technologies give the audience true voice, ownership and control over their possessions. And this allows brands to provide their customers the opportunity of owning a piece of the brand. This changes customers from passive ones to participative, highly-engaged and equity-driven partners on a creative playing field.

What we offer? 

Galaxy4games is web3 and mobile game solutions provider. Not only do we develop standalone games and applications of various genres and complexity but also provide gamification services to the brands’ primary experience. 

Whether you are looking for the development of the standalone web3 product or want to integrate with web3 and add gamification elements to your brand contact us and we will organize the call together with our gamification designer, listen your ideas and goals carefully, help you to determine your tasks if necessary, provide you with the free consultation and send you the quote within few days. 

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