Blockchain and web3 products era

Unlike traditional web2 era games where all the data is controlled by centralized entities, Web3 games are created on decentralized networks. The assets of web3 games are stored on a blockchain, serving as transparent and immutable ledger and ensuring security and authenticity. All this provides players with true ownership and control over their in-game possessions. In web2 games usually players invest their time into gaming without any real rewards. Now Web3 game development introduces a new economy/tokenomy where players can actually earn cryptocurrencies, NFTs, valuable in-game assets or other rewards according to their achievements or contributions to the game. Such play-to-earn model attracts the new audience, empowers existing audiences and incentivizes their active participation.

Why start using web3?

We strongly believe that web3 game development is the future of online gaming, offering exciting opportunities to game design, player ownership and shared success in the ecosystem. 

  • Attract new and retain existing customers more efficiently, by creating deep incentives to strengthen loyalty. By statistics increasing customer retention by 5% can increase your profits 25–95%
  • Better brand recognition. The market is growing and gaining the popularity, and you have the opportunity  to experiment and deepen your expertise before your competitors enter the race.
  • Build better customers loyalty. Web3 technologies give the audience true voice, ownership and control over their possessions. And this allows brands to reinvigorate their customer experiences by providing their customers the opportunity of owning a piece of the brand experience. This shifts customers from passive recipients to participative, highly-engaged and equity-driven partners on a creative playing field.

What web3 solutions we offer

Looking for web3 development services? Galaxy4games is WEB3/Blockchain and mobile game solutions provider, we can cover it all:  from the initial idea to release and further post-launch support, marketing and analytics assistance and LiveOps. Along with the development of web3 standalone game/application we also offer brands web3 and gamification services which can be added to their primary experience. If you are not sure yet, in which ways web3 and blockchain technology can better fit your needs and help your brand, we can analyze your brand and goals and suggest the solutions that will work better for you.

  • Creation of NFTs and NFT collections representing exclusive products or experiences and their distribution in existing metaverses like Sandbox, Roblox. Collaborations with influencers and Discord communities as additional way of distribution. 
  • Gamification elements: creating the brand’s page for secure entering where customers can perform certain tasks, compete, win special prizes and gain the unique experience. 
  • Creating a standalone game, a game world of some genre with certain mechanics and independent economy (can be chosen based on the audience and existing analytics). 

We will help you on every stage: from shaping your idea to deployment and further support. 

How we work

  • Primary rough analysis and estimation 

At this stage we are eager to discuss your idea and goals and based on several must-have questions/answers we provide suggestions for the project as product and the rough estimate within few days to give you the idea of the budget and help you to decide if you’re interested to move on further. 

  • Product planning

At this stage we work with you on the detailed plan on how to turn the idea to the reality: define features of the game, main development stages, schedules, resources, scopes for each interaction. And once approved, we finalize the estimation of budget and terms.

  • Game design

This is the detailed documentation of your game/gamification product, from every UI window to description of every mechanic, feature and balance.

  • Game development

We work transparently and using the interactions (sprints) method. You can participate in every sprint planning. After sprint ends you can review and provide feedback. This allows us all to be on the same page and make sure the expectations are met. 

  • Testing and deployment

Except of the final testing and deployment of the ready final product we prefer to do testing and deployment often, after every sprint to allow “to touch” the results, every feature, graphics, content that we took the commitment to implement in sprint. 

  • Beyond support

Analytics, marketing, smm, community support, any further game development support, content creation, Live Ops – we have expertise in all these areas and are eager to go with you through all this way. 

Why us

  • 15 years of experience in game development
  • Module system (updated constantly) which means we will save your time and budget by using ready made flexible solutions instead of coding everything from scratch and stretching the terms and budget. 
  • Experience in full cycle web3 game development and solutions for businesses to jump into the market wisely. 
  • We are not outsource company. We are solutions provider acting with the perspective of business value and suggesting solutions that will help to get the most out of your project monetization or business expansion into gaming and new technologies. 
  • Free quote within few days for your idea.
  • Transparent flow of work. We will work closely and have the sprint reviews for frequent evaluation and feedback to make sure we are on the same page with you on every step. 
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Skiesverse photo
Skiesverse: NFT avatars generated by a tool

The story begins in the distant future on Earth. The planet has survived a catastrophe. The well-known world has been destroyed, and remnants of civilization are hiding in technological shelters to save human experience and heritage for the future generations. This is the new world that shelter citizens have been trying to create. Hundreds of years ago they left their underground homes.

Skiesverse photo
Skiesverse: how we built a powerful tokenomic circle

Web3 games mostly have a bubble reputation because of young technology and many projects with play2earn mechanics only. However, based on blockchain technology, tokenomics and security for Web3 games bring the game industry to a new level of user experience, user ownership, and in-game economics.

Tokenomics and Economics of Skiesverse photo
Tokenomics and Economics of Skiesverse

Developing Skiesverse, we were thinking about building strong economics itself, able to hold an in-game ecosystem with points of income and outcome. And our goal was to create a traditional RPG game economics but with all advantages of web3 and blockchain.

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planet img
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