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At Galaxy4games we are not outsource company – we are the game solutions provider. We do have the full range of services and a team of professionals that can cover any part of the development process and perform any task in game design, coding, creating art, vfx, animations. However our practical experience is something that you can use for creating the entire competitive and successful game product with business value. Driven by analytics, market research and understanding we are here for you to lead you through the entire path from shaping your game idea to pushing it to production and its further support, LiveOps, work with analytics and scaling for higher business achievements.

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Bingo: decreased development time and flexibility of content creation

The close collaboration of the technical team and technical artists team allowed us to prepare flexible architecture for the scalable engine. From the technical side, the main thing is to manage resources to make such things as memory, render, and update work properly. 

Puzzle Fight: the benefits of modular system

To fit the game development phase to a designated term, the team used the Galaxy4games modular system for Unity 3D to build a base architecture of the game. Additionally, new modules for the game were developed separately. The modular engine helps build stable products since modules have already been tested on other launched projects.

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Bingo Metagame Module

It's not a secret that to make a profitable game, it's highly important to have not just a good core game and monetization but also the well-working LiveOps and flexible tools for launching new content regularly and promptly when needed. So we wanted to make a tool for technical artists and game designers, allowing them to easily work on story and content implementation. They should be able to do actions like adding/removing characters, launching animation, changing building skin, playing sound, changing light in the scene, launching/finishing dialogs, etc.

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Skiesverse: NFT avatars generated by a tool

The story begins in the distant future on Earth. The planet has survived a catastrophe. The well-known world has been destroyed, and remnants of civilization are hiding in technological shelters to save human experience and heritage for the future generations. This is the new world that shelter citizens have been trying to create. Hundreds of years ago they left their underground homes.

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