NFT Marketing

What is NFT?

NFT (or non-fungible token) is a digitized form of real products or services such as in-game items, art, videos, music, brands’ certain drops, clothes, beauty items, collections etc. Maintained on a blockchain NFTs can be bought, sold, and even traded in the same way that real products can. These are usually transacted online, with cryptocurrency. Nowadays most of the global brands have already tokenized their products or services as such virtual assets and launch new NFT items and collections regularly as a must-have. So, it is difficult to deny the importance of NFT marketing. 

What is NFT Marketing?

In simple words NFT marketing is advertising, exposing and selling NFTs to your audience. However, it is important to note that nowadays many nft marketing agencies and development companies suggest the creation and marketing for nft for the reason of trend. Which we obviously see and accept as well, but this is not enough. Before taking the decision to jump into nft digital marketing we suggest:

  • analyze your brand, its audience, customer habits, preferences 
  • set marketing goals, define the benchmarks 
  • develop the strategy that will help to reach your goals and benchmarks
  • and the last but not the least: monitor, analyze, and improve. 

This is the new era and many brands and , companiess are still experimenting and looking for the most optimal ways to create and use NFT marketing and promotion. Some already have pretty good experience and analytics behind and some are just starting their way. 

Let’s see what benefits in general you can expect when using smartly the nft marketing services

Benefits of NFT Marketing

  • Additional revenue. Just like real products, NFTs are being sold and so they are making additional revenue. At the same time, just like real products the production and NFT marketing service requires some resources and expenses. That is why it is highly important to have understanding of your audience and its preferences and have a good strategy to make it work out or a good nft marketing firm working with you on this
  • Brand awareness. While NFTs are gaining momentum, creative and interesting ideas are usually well supported by the media. 
  • New audience coverage and new clients. Besides existing audiences you also acquire the web3 audience and mint enthusiasts.

How to choose the best NFT marketing agency 

With the popularization of web3 nowadays there are lots of NFT marketing companies. Choosing the right one can be a challenge especially if this is your first experience. Consider the following:

  • Does the company or NFT marketer work with analytics? Generating awesome ideas and even the development experience is not enough. All of the solutions should be based on existing analytics and all the future NFT and collections should be also analyzed. 
  • Does the agency provide beforehand comprehensive strategy and price for the entire scope? NFT marketing agency cost may depend on many factors. All projects are unique and require individual approach, however, in general NFT marketing can be costly. You should be able to understand whether the potential ROI will outweigh the investment costs. In this case, it is highly important that the agency can provide the entire scope with the estimates of work and be ready to come up with the solutions that will help your growth or bring other benefits to your brand. 
  • Does the agency have their developers? It may be necessary to make some integrations and so it is better to trust this part to the experienced developers. 

Even when working with the top NFT marketing agencies, noone knows your product better than you. You should be ready to pass your brands’ vision and philosophy and work closely yourself or merge your product marketing team with the NFT marketers for reaching the best results. 

What NFT services we provide

We provide full range NFT creative marketing services:

  • Analysis of your brand. Please, note that here your input is very important. We struggle for  the analytics-driven solutions. If you already have your business and analytics – together with you we analyze your audience, its habits, purchasing preferences, conversions, etc. and take all this into account when generating the ideas for your future NFT and NFTs collections. If you are just launching your business, we will help to analyze the market and create step-by-step strategy. 
  • Creating NFTs and NFT collections together with the immersive story behind them. Providing the unique and rare experience is the basis of NFT marketing. Together with you or your marketing team we can work out the NFTs and NFT collections that will be most effective for your brand. 
  • Distribution and exposure. We partner with popular online marketplaces, sandboxes, game developers and collaborate with influencers to provide a better exposure for your NFT collection. We also reach out to the media to create additional buzz and support for your brand.
  • Full-cycle development, integrations with the platforms, marketplaces, games, metaverses. We’ve been developing games of various genres, mixes and for various platforms for years and we can solve any development tasks. 
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