Metaverse Development

What is metaverse platform? 

Metaverse is a simulation of the real world where the participants are presented with their avatars and can do various activities such as socializing, playing, shopping, studying, trading, etc. 

Nowadays this experience is also often fulfilled with such advanced technologies like Blockchain, AR (Augmented reality), VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence ), etc.

What are the benefits of developing a metaverse platform for your business?

  • Additional revenue streams. 

With the help of metaverse you can hold virtual events, host the advertising of the products and services, allow trading of the digital assets and earn the commission. 

  • Better understanding of your audience. 

You can test out various goods, services and ideas in the virtual world before launching their production in live. 

  • Loyalty and engagement of your community. 

You can use the metaverse as the innovating environment offering personalized, immersive experience through which you can engage your customers deeper than before. 

What kinds of metaverse development we can offer? 

  • Metaverse game development 

We develop metaverse games of various genres. Let’s create the world where users can choose who they want to be, play and even mint or trade assets as NFTs. We know how to introduce the game mechanics and strong tokenomics to encourage players to stay on a long term ride and convert. We can help shape your idea to the finished competitive product and get it ready for the market with all the necessary analytics and marketing tools to support and constantly improve.

  • Metaverse for brands

The metaverse gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with new exciting experiences and immerse into the brand’s world and its philosophy deeper. We can create an interactive game or application, virtual production office or the virtual showroom for your customers to explore and engage with the brand like never before. For example, the car brand can own a virtual showroom where customers can check out the new models and order for a test drive. The clothes, jewelry, accessories brand may be interested in a showroom for showcasing the new collections. With the help of AR and virtual try-on technology this experience can become reality. The reality that has already come. Let’s say your brand is caring about sustainability – let your users learn about the sustainable production processes through gaming activities at the virtual factory. Step into the future of metaverse now and we will help you on every stage: from shaping the idea to production, launch, analytics understanding and further support.

  • Metaverse marketing

Along with the development of your own metaverses, we can also help with the integration of your brand into the popular existing sandboxes, like Roblox. Build your own brand’s world with the gamification elements that will allow you to learn, engage, and interact with your business on a new exciting level. Whether it is the virtual location with gamification mechanics or just a banner with the ad of your brand in the existing virtual world with the audience which is right for you- we can help to design, implement and integrate it. 

Metaverse cases are not limited to those mentioned above. There are many fields where it can be useful: virtual gallery, museums, sport events or event concerts, real estate platforms etc. 

Contact us and we will discuss with you your idea and help to turn it into reality. 


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Skiesverse photo
Skiesverse. NFT avatars generated by a tool

The story begins in the distant future on Earth. The planet has survived a catastrophe. The well-known world has been destroyed, and remnants of civilization are hiding in technological shelters to save human experience and heritage for the future generations. This is the new world that shelter citizens have been trying to create. Hundreds of years ago they left their underground homes.

Skiesverse. Building a powerful tokenomic circle

Web3 games mostly have a bubble reputation because of young technology and many projects with play2earn mechanics only. However, based on blockchain technology, tokenomics and security for Web3 games bring the game industry to a new level of user experience, user ownership, and in-game economics.

Tokenomics and Economics of Skiesverse photo
Tokenomics And Economics Of Skiesverse

Developing Skiesverse, we were thinking about building strong economics itself, able to hold an in-game ecosystem with points of income and outcome. And our goal was to create a traditional RPG game economics but with all advantages of web3 and blockchain.

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planet img
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